What we do

What We Do

Primarily our services seeks to safeguard and also promote the wellbeing of vulnerable children trusted in our care and/or require:


  • Child/Family Contact Supervision
  • Supported Accommodation for young people
  • 24/7 Semi Independent provision
  • Independent Living accommodation with support
  • Floating support – for children and young people in the community

Target Group (Service Users) for supported accommodation:

In generic terms the definition of service users are children and young people, however, our specialism is on looked after children accommodated under Children Act 1989 and Leaving Care Act 2000 and require support in transition to adulthood. These include:

  • 16+ Care Leavers
  • Teenage mum/dad and baby
  • Unaccompanied Asylum seeking children
  • Young People with challenging behaviour and offending history
  • Young People with mild learning disabilities

Our Mission

Transforming Lives believes that effective listening and appropriate intervention, care and support offered by the right people in the right environment guarantees a difference!
Positive Outcomes to expect for children and young people
  • Developing life skills
  • Maximising potentials
  • Developing social skills and becoming law abiding citizen
  • Managing emotional issues effectively
  • Positive engagement in meaningful activities
TLC Supervised Contact Brochure
TLC Semi-Independent Living & Floating Support Package Brochure
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TCL Supervised Contact Referral Form
Child/ Family Contact Supervision
TLC understands that relationships can be strained between parents going through divorce/separation or situations may cause a parent to be deemed insufficiently capable at the time to look after his/her child. Irrespective of the situation it is essential that the child involved does not suffer directly or directly.

TLC believes that when we are commissioned to promote contact between a non-resident parent and the child the priority is to ensure contact takes place in a safe and enabling but neutral environment where both parties spend and enjoy quality time together.

TLCis an approved provider for East London Supervised Contact Framework as such our service is consistent to the needs and expectations of the various Local Authorities.To commission us please use the details on our contact page.